Location, Location, Location – that is the number one rule in real estate. And that is one of the reasons that so many companies have set up base here in Tulsa. Tulsa is a growing city that is centrally located for any business that receives or ships by air, rail, road or water; it will find easy access right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

There are more than 100 airports in Oklahoma with two of them located in Tulsa, both of which are international airports. For anyone that travels domestically or internationally, you’ll find that traveling in and out of Tulsa is easy and so are the roadways, starting with the famous Route 66. There is also I-44 and I-244 that create a loop around downtown. Going north and south is I-75 and going east to west, U.S. Highway 64 gets it done.

There are three inland ports in the country and one of those is in Tulsa: The Port of Catoosa. And if your business still uses rail, Tulsa has over 3800 miles of track. Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific move more than 225 million tons of cargo through T-Town.

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