Have your attempts at fixing that leaky faucet been a failure? Maybe it is time to call in the professional – a plumber. But how do you find not just a plumber, but a great plumber?  At one time, we would have told you to get out the yellow pages, but today, you start with the Internet.

There are very few plumbing companies that you won’t find on the internet. Here, you will find customer reviews, their hours, if they charge an after-hour rate or a flat rate, how long they have been in business, a history of the company, sometimes a snip-it about their employees, etc. You can sometimes find coupons like “$50 off first service call” or other specials. Normally, the first 3 to 5 listings of a Google search are paid ads, so skip those listings.

When it comes to a great plumber, remember, their schedule may not fit your needs and schedule. If you have an emergency and they have to reschedule their day, you can expect to pay for that. So, if it is nothing more than a leaky faucet, ask yourself if one more day is going to be that devastating.

Look for plumbing companies that offer a free estimate. If you don’t see that information on their website, ask. Unfortunately, fewer plumbers offer that, but that doesn’t mean if you ask you won’t get it!

You want a “master plumber” and you can ask them if they are, even ask to see their license. Their plumbing truck will often have a license number on it that starts with the letter “M.” That indicates they are a master plumber. Remember, an unlicensed plumber could result in a potential disaster and you won’t have any recourse. Not to mention, if your home floods from poor workmanship, your homeowner’s insurance may not pay.

After you locate that great plumber and all works well, make sure you keep them on your speed dial and don’t forget to tell your family and friends about him!  Your next visit may get you another discount on the referrals.

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