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Water Heaters

The typical tank type water heater has a life expectancy of 10 years. Unfortunately, many times they don’t even make it to the ten-year mark. Most tanks are constructed of steel with a vitreous glass bonding and they are subject to erosion.

Water heaters have what’s called a sacrificial anode rod that’s intended to rust before the tank does. However, since the rod is not visible, it’s almost impossible to monitor its condition without removing the rod.

The good news is that at Half Moon we are able to give you free consultation on your best option for repair or replacement. All of our WH installs come with a vent safety inspection, where accessible and visible as well as new water and gas flex connecting lines.

Most water heater manufacturers and some local code authorities require an expansion tank to be installed on the cold side of the piping. Make sure the contractor that you choose is familiar with current codes and is planning to get a necessary code inspection!

Half Moon is ready to help solve your hot water problems… call today!

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Dustin is a great plumber and even more important a great person. I’ve worked with him on several projects and he always displays tremendous integrity and professionalism.

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Dustin is professional, honest, and reliable. We had a kitchen faucet replaced, and he found a problem with our dishwasher connection and repaired it at no extra charge! I won’t call anyone else!

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