Tulsa Air and Space Museum

In the 1940s built hanger on the campus of Spartan School of Aeronautics, Tusa Air and Space Museum was established in 1998. In 2005 it was relocated to its current home at the Sherman and Ellie Smith Hanger One. Just under 18 acres to the north of the Tulsa International Airport.

TASM is a viable operation today that attracts a growing number of visitors each year as well as being a place of educational enrichment for students. The mission has always been to preserve the aerospace history of Oklahoma as well as to be an inspiration for science-based learning by way of discovery, becoming a unique museum with its niche.

Maintaining its educational purpose, it offers a stimulating environment with inspirational aerospace stories of the events and pioneers that were a part of the events. There are aircraft and computer flight simulators with cockpit trainers and demonstrations as well as the experience of simulated space voyages.

TASM offers aerospace-based curriculum, a library, and media center and provides a resource center for teachers. Learning is enhanced here with hands-on activities and group tours that include activities and aircraft that students can touch.

They can experience open cockpits, a robotic arm, and a space shuttle launch while learning to maneuver a space unit. A simulated wind tunnel aids the student to comprehend flight principles too.  Click here to get back to the Home Page

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