Kitchen Drains

Kitchen Drains

Kitchen drains are the number one drain call that we receive at Half Moon. This should not be a surprise when you consider all the abuse that kitchen drains take. They are often under sized, under sloped and on the opposite end of the home from the main bathroom groups.Just think about all the grease, soap scum, and food particles that are consistently injected into your kitchen sink. Over time the walls of the pipe start to close in, having been lined with the above drain-stopping culprits. 

Half Moon has the solution you’ve been waiting for. A high tech, state of the art, drain cleaning wonder. The Mini Miller passes the safety test by installing a protective coating around the cable allowing it to spin freely inside the casing without threatening to wrap up and injure the operator. The steel cable is smaller which makes it lighter and doesn’t need water to operate. The secret is the speed, spinning at an astounding 2000 revolutions per minute decimating everything that dares to stand in its way.

What Our Customers Say

Absolutely loved how the business communicated with me; they sent me a picture of the tech before he arrived at my house. Tommy, the technician, was very knowledgeable in answering my questions. Will be a repeat customer!
-Mary Jo

Outstanding service! Every step of the process was met with enthusiasm and a complete explanation -
from the time I contacted Half Moon through the technicians arrival and the work he performed. Tommy quickly diagnosed and corrected two issues for our household. He was a perfect representative to a company we have come to trust. Thank you Tommy and thank you Half Moon.

-Danny Smith

Sam visited my house the other day for some minor issues. He was on time, was able to quickly diagnose the issues, and get them repaired on the spot. His demeanor was friendly and professional, and he took the time to explain the details regarding my repairs. This isn't the first time I've used Half-Moon Plumbing, and this visit exceeded the already high quality of service I've come to expect from them.
-Stephen Garrett

The plumbing tech that helped us switch from a standard hot water tank to a new tankless unit really knew his stuff. He came out to do an initial inspection and estimate. He explained everything that would be required for the installation and the types of tankless units we could go with. The installation was done professionally and cleanly with everything plumbed and routed as expected. I know we're going to enjoy having a constant supply of hot water while saving on our monthly gas bills. Also want to mention that I read the Half Moon Plumbing newsletter every month. When you see the kind of situations they are able to resolve for homeowners (where no one else could), you can see how committed they are to solving issues the right way, no matter how difficult the task is. I look forward to using Half Moon Plumbing in the future!

-Jason Drew

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