Frost HydrantA slow dripping faucet outside can be easy to ignore, but please don’t!!! There is a very limited amount of maintenance that can be performed on frost-free hydrants and when they are neglected, they suffer internal damage and are impossible to repair.

    At Half Moon Plumbing we say call on the first drop and if you’re a “do it yourself,” give us a call and we’ll try to help you troubleshoot over the phone. When a hydrant can’t be repaired by replacing washers and o-rings, it must be replaced.

    Frost Free HydrantProper installation is critical when it comes to wall hydrants. Frost-free hydrants should be anchored, sleeved, and sloped. Most hydrants we see are not anchored (even in new homes) this could allow the hydrant to over rotate compromising the supporting piping.

    If a hydrant is not sleeved (protected) through brick or rock, it could eventually wear a hole in the pipe.

    Hydrants without proper slope will hold water and be subject to freezing and busting. At Half Moon Plumbing, our “plumbing with purpose” replacement frostproof wall hydrants are all sleeved, sloped, and anchored.

    Call Half Moon Plumbing today before that drip turns into a disaster!

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