When you flip the switch for your garbage disposal, you expect the familiar grinding sound that signals it’s ready to do its job. However, if you hear humming or complete silence, this signifies a problem, and there are four reasons your garbage disposal has stopped working.

1. Jammed Blades

When your garbage disposal isn’t humming along as it should, the blades may be jammed. The blades can get jammed from foreign objects falling into the sink and getting caught.

2. Overheated Motor

If you’ve been using your garbage disposal extensively or it is running longer than usual, the motor might have overheated. Most disposals have a built-in safety feature that shuts off the motor to prevent damage when it gets too hot. If the disposal doesn’t turn on, this may be the culprit, and it may need some time to cool down before it’s ready to do its job again.

3. Malfunctioning Switch

The switch that activates the garbage disposal is a frequent point of failure. With moisture and frequent use in a typical kitchen environment, switches can deteriorate or malfunction. If flipping the switch doesn’t work, this may be a sign of an electrical issue with the switch itself.

4. Worn Components

Lastly, like any appliance, parts of your garbage disposal will wear out over time. Regular use leads to natural wear and tear, which may decrease performance or complete cessation of function.

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