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Wall hydrants should be installed properly and maintained over time. Contact our team at Half Moon Plumbing to make sure you are getting the support you need. We work on both residential and commercial properties throughout the Claremore and Owasso communities.

Most buildings will have existing water lines that run throughout the walls. There are fire code regulations that larger buildings will need to comply with; this includes a properly installed wall hydrant. This will help generate the required amount of water for the building. If you are not familiar with wall hydrant services, we will help you install a unit or inspect your current system to make sure it is set up according to code.

Problems With Your Wall Hydrant

Once your wall hydrant has been installed, you will want to consider the different maintenance issues that can occur along the way. You may be curious about what might affect the quality of your water supply as it runs through these wall hydrants. Pay careful attention to any exterior signs of damage, such as a dripping faucet. Check with a professional to get to the source of the problem. A cracked or faulty pipe can also prevent water from flowing toward the wall hydrant.

Call Us for Expert Wall Hydrant Services

It’s important to conduct regular maintenance inspections to make sure your wall hydrant stays in good working order. Our technicians will be able to identify any underlying problems with your pipe system before they can cause further damage.

We have encountered several instances where even new homes don’t have their wall hydrants safely anchored. Let our team at Half Moon Plumbing help you with professional inspections. We will make sure that your wall hydrants are properly anchored, sleeved, and sloped.

Contact us today to ensure your wall hydrants are up to code.

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