Your toilet is something that you may not want to think about much, but you need to be able to rely on it to function well on a regular basis. Since it’s a vital part of your home and daily activities, upgrading it can improve your life. There are many reasons why upgrading your toilet is often a good idea or even a necessity in some cases. We’ll take a deep look into this topic with nine reasons why you should upgrade or replace your toilet.

1. Improve Your Lifestyle With a More Luxurious Design

You might have a reliable basic toilet, but you might be unaware of the features that you can have on an upgraded model. If you wake up on a cold morning, you might dread having to sit on that cold porcelain seat, so a seat warmer can be a great enhancement to your toilet. The bidet is another feature that is popular in many countries due to the improvement in hygiene and the cleaner feeling it gives after using the bathroom. The bidet furnishes a stream of water that rinses you, providing less need for toilet paper and a cleaner process. They’re commonplace in Asia and Europe, and they’re also gaining popularity in the United States.

Since you don’t want to be wet after using the bidet, some models are fitted with an air dryer. For more upgrade features, toilets come with many other options such as feet warmers, deodorizers, self-cleaning, and other luxury features.

2. It’s Time to Update the Look of Your Bathroom

Getting a new toilet can do wonders for improving the look and style of your bathroom. Your old toilet is likely to have signs of wear and a vintage appearance that doesn’t agree with your desire for a fresh, modern look in your home. Nothing can compare to a sparkling clean new toilet with a modern design to uplift the look of your bathroom. Replacing the toilet also gives you the opportunity to install one with the right size and color to match the overall design of your facilities.

3. Improve Your Comfort With Ergonomic Design

If you have a basic toilet that was in your home before you moved in, it’s unlikely to be ergonomically ideal for maximum comfort. A new model can be a much better fit for your needs. Comfort height toilets tend to be more ergonomic than the standard design due to being about two inches higher, similar to a chair height. This can make it easier to sit and stand from the toilet for people who have mobility issues, and it also tends to be more comfortable when you’re seated on it. For people of smaller stature or children, you could get a lower height model to suit your family’s needs better than your current model.

4. An Upgraded Toilet Can Provide a More Sanitary and Hygienic Bathroom

New toilets are available with a variety of features that can make your bathroom more sanitary and convenient. To make sure that you thoroughly flush waste, some toilets have a double-jet flush that provides more power to do the job in one push of the lever. They also use low-flow technology that provides a thorough flush while using less water. Touchless flush is another feature that will prevent many hands on the flush button or lever from building up contamination.

5. Your Toilet Has Reached the End of Its Life Span

A toilet may seem like a basic solid fixture, but it eventually needs to be replaced like other parts of your home’s plumbing system. The average toilet has a life span of around 20 years, but signs of wear and age are what you need to look for when deciding if your toilet has reached the end of its useful life. There are many types of problems that can occur in a toilet that is too old, such as frequent leaks, a wobbly seat, cracks, or other visible deterioration. Old toilets will also have stains that can’t be completely removed or other visible defects that are easier to solve by just replacing the toilet with a new one.

6. Get More Resale Value for Your Home

New appliances go a long way to make your home more appealing to buyers. The last thing you want is a run-down, dingy appearance to your bathroom, which is a place that needs to provide a sanitary environment for hygiene. A sparkling new toilet will add appeal and value to the final price of your home when the buyer is ready to close the deal. It’s also a selling point if you can mention that their water bills will be lower with a new toilet that has an efficient design. And it’s going to be reliable for many years compared to an old toilet that would need to be replaced soon.

7. Enjoy a Life Free of Disruptive Noise by Getting a Quiet Flusher

You don’t want your neighbors knowing about your private business, and a loud flush is the last thing you want to hear when you’re absorbed in your favorite entertainment or leisure activity. Getting a quiet-flush toilet will make sure that a loud noise from the bathroom won’t kill the mood of your favorite activities in the home. A quiet flush is accomplished with a design that uses less water, directing it in a spiral motion that is more efficient with less noise.

8. More Efficiency and Lower Environmental Impact

If your toilet is inefficient and wastes water, you can do your part to help conserve resources with a toilet that has a better design. The toilet accounts for a significant portion of your water bill, and an old-fashioned one puts a burden on the city infrastructure’s supply of fresh water. In the long run, a more efficient new toilet will also save you money while helping the environment.

9. Your Toilet Has Cracks or Signs That New Ones Are Forming

Over time, cracks can form on your toilet bowl, the tank, and other parts. If you notice cracks on the bowl, it’s a serious problem. The bowl bears the weight of the toilet, plus the person sitting on it, so a small crack could rapidly get worse, leading to a mishap that you don’t even want to think about. With any visible cracks in the bowl, you should replace the toilet as soon as possible. Cracks in the tank can also lead to some serious leak issues that will damage floors and other parts of the home.

Toilets that need replacement or any other household plumbing related issues require competent plumbers to make sure the job is done right. Our experienced professionals at Half Moon Plumbing take pride in furnishing top-notch repairs, quality installations, and genuine courtesy. We’re eager to help with a wide range of projects, including leak detection, water line replacement, yard leaks, water heaters, water treatment, and plumbing installations.

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