Does your toilet rock like a bucking bronco?

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    The average toilet is flushed 5 times a day…that’s up to 17 gallons a day and 6,205 gallons a year per person…that’s a lot of water! And you don’t want any of it on or under your floor.

    Half Moon Plumbing specializes in re-sealing toilets. We add an anchoring package around the toilet bolts and use a wax-free, antimicrobial, foam sani seal. Wax in our opinion should be outlawed. It was a good solution 100 years ago, but there are just safer, simpler, and cleaner options now.

    Wax is impressionable, meaning if your toilet moves at all, the seal is likely broken. Our foam sani seal will remain sealed even if the toilet moves.

    Half Moon Plumbing can also help with tank service and provide a proper toilet overhaul.

    Ask about our ADA tall comfort fit high-efficiency toilets and flush all your toilet problems down the drain!

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