Plumbing Company in Bixby, OK

Half Moon Plumbing is a premier plumbing company in Bixby, OK. We also provide customers with plumbing services in surrounding towns and cities like Tulsa, Owasso, and Collinsville. Every one of our team members subscribes to the philosophy expressed in this simple phrase that sums up what we try to do: “Providing plumbing excellence through manners, methods, and materials.” That means we’re all skilled, well-equipped, and — most importantly — constantly positive and respectful to everyone we work with. We are a multifunctional plumbing contractor that offers a diverse variety of services. Here are just some of what we can do for you.

Conscientious Plumbing Company in Bixby

Residential plumbing systems can be pretty complicated, comprising a network of pipes running everywhere through your home’s interior and the immediate area surrounding it. Lines can also carry water or gas, depending on their function. As you might expect, the number of problems that can afflict these systems is similarly wide-ranging. Anyone may need repairs or maintenance for any part of their plumbing system at any time. Certain situations may also call for the immediate replacement or reinstallation of critical components. However, Half Moon Plumbing can handle it if it’s connected to plumbing.

These are just a few of the many plumbing services we offer.
  • Leak fixes for gas lines or water pipes
  • Cleaning your plumbing tanks or drains
  • Installing new valves or fixtures
  • Water or sewer line replacement
  • Testing and inspections

Maintenance work like camera inspections for your drains or general system testing is vital, and we’d like to emphasize it. Every maintenance check extends the lives of critical pieces of equipment and may save you from more severe problems further down the road. In particular, we do static testing, which involves locating a building’s mainline sewer cleanout, plugging up the cleanout with an inflatable ball, and then filling your system with water until the water’s surface level reaches the edge of the building’s foundation. If the water does not reach this level, this is usually indicative of a crack or leak somewhere in your plumbing.

This test detects leaks that might otherwise go unnoticed. If left undetected, such leaks might create foundation issues for your home, which are especially important to find and fix.

Your Outstanding Local Plumbing Contractor

Plumbing issues can be quite serious and often take people by surprise. That’s why we are ready to assist when you need us. Aside from the professional skills and advanced equipment we bring to each job, we also bring another crucial asset: tireless good humor and enthusiasm.

If you need a competent plumbing company to deal with your pipes in Bixby, call us at Half Moon Plumbing today, and we’ll get straight to work.