About Key

    Nestled south of East 51st Street and East 61st Street is the Key neighborhood. It offers residents a small village-type neighborhood surrounded by the rest of Tulsa. An elementary school is within the neighborhood, Key Elementary, making it easy for young children to get to school without worry of crossing major roadways.

    Living in Key

    LaFortune Stadium is next door the neighborhood, a place sports fans in the Key neighborhood can cheer on their favorite teams during a season or use the track during offseason to keep in shape.

    Key Zip: 74135
    Key Geo Coordinates:
    Lat: 36.081808
    Long: -95.908294

    Things to do in Key

    Dining is found outside the neighborhood, but there is Oklahoma Joe’s within the boundaries of Key neighborhood and Mandarin Taste and In The Raw, South are just on the outer skirts.  Shopping inside this exclusive area includes The Farm Center Shopping and The Viewpoint Shopping, both offering a variety that will fit and meet any needs a resident of Key neighborhood may have. Check out more details Here.

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