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All that grease that gets washed down your drains can eventually accumulate in your pipes and cause clogging. Even if you run hot water through, the grease still cools off as it gets deeper into your drain system, causing them to stick to the pipe walls. To effectively remove long-standing grease and other stubborn buildup clinging to your pipes, we recommend hydrojetting. At Half Moon Plumbing, we provide professional hydrojetting services in Claremore and Owasso.

The Hydrojetting Process

Hydrojetting is a highly effective drain cleaning technique using forced water at 1,500 to 4,000 pounds per minute to flush out severely clogged drains. Because the method is so powerful, it will break down all buildup blocking your pipes. The offending debris will be easily washed out, opening up your pipes. While hydrojetting is often the recommended solution for serious drain problems, it may not be necessary for less severe clogs. If you need your drains cleared, we will first inspect your system to determine if hydrojetting is necessary.

Who Will Benefit Most From Hydrojetting?

While residential and commercial properties alike can experience the hydrojetting advantage, this method is most effective for busy restaurants and hospitals. The amount of grease and debris that goes through the pipe system of restaurants and hospitals is much higher than the average home or business. More cooking and washing means more buildup and a higher chance of clogged drains.

We offer regular hydrojetting services for those properties that are highly affected by clogged drains. Annual cleaning will keep the pipes in restaurants and hospitals running efficiently, which in turn keeps your plumbing system healthy.

Get Cleaner Drains With Claremore’s Top Plumbers

Drain clogs are inevitable, no matter how careful we try to be. They’re natural plumbing issues that affect every home and business. For well-maintained drains, we recommend annual hydrojetting to keep your plumbing system in top shape. Hydrojetting will limit the risk of clogging, but it needs to be performed on an annual basis to keep clogs away.

If you are experiencing a stubborn clog, our technicians will inspect your pipes to make sure hydrojetting is the right choice for you. If you have any questions about the service, call us at (918) 274-7377 for immediate assistance.

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