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Burst pipe repairs can be tricky because it is difficult to locate the affected areas without going beneath huge concrete slabs. Even if you have a burst pipe in an easily accessible area, the repair will need professional handling to make sure further damage is avoided. At Half Moon Plumbing, we handle burst pipe repairs with ease. We have advanced video pipe inspections to locate the damage points without extensive excavations that can destroy the landscaping around your property. If you need to fix a burst pipe in the Claremore or Owasso communities, look to the team at Half Moon Plumbing for professional solutions.

Signs You Have a Burst Pipe

What can you expect to look for if you suspect a burst pipe? First, check your utility bill. Pipes in less accessible areas, such as within your walls, can burst without your notice and waste several hundred gallons of water per day. If you see a sudden jump in your utility bill, you could have a burst pipe that needs immediate attention!

Additional signs of burst pipes include low water pressure, or an unusually soft or drenched lawn even though the sprinkler has not gone off and it has not rained.

If you think you have a burst pipe, turn off your main water supply valve outside your property and contact us as soon as possible. We will get to your home or business immediately to fix the problem.

Burst Pipe Repair Methods

Our technicians will avoid excavating your home as much as possible. To achieve this, we will repair your burst pipe using a trenchless method. This trenchless repair method will only involve two access points; we will dig at one point to enter your pipe system and dig at another point to exit. Those are the only areas that will be dug up.

The trenchless repair option can be divided into two different methods: pipe relining and pipe bursting. During the relining process, fiberglass is pushed from one end of your pipe system all the way through to the end of the affected area to seal the pipe walls and stop the leaking. Pipe bursting, on the other hand, inserts a pipe within a pipe: a new pipe of stronger material will be pushed through your existing pipe, causing it to “burst” so the new pipe can be put in its place.

Call Half Moon Plumbing for Successful Burst Pipe Repairs

Half Moon Plumbing provides top-quality burst pipe repairs. Our services continue to meet the varied needs of our customers by ensuring that future problems are prevented. We will sit down with you and walk you through the repair process before working on any part of your property. We are not content with just getting the job done—we want to help you avoid further problems and costly repairs. That’s why we always go above and beyond in every repair we handle.

We work hard to get your burst pipe problems solved on time and at reasonable rates. Call us today at (918) 274-7377 and we will arrive at your home or business as soon as possible to get your plumbing system under control.

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