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    Half Moon Plumbing provides reliable plumbing services throughout Braeswood and the surrounding area. We have a team of experienced professionals that are willing and able to help with any residential and commercial plumbing. We focus on providing plumbing excellence through manners, methods, and materials. Call a plumber today to schedule a service.

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    About Braeswood

    Braeswood is a neighborhood that encompasses an area just west of South New Haven Avenue across to South Pittsburgh Avenue, with South Oswego running almost directly through the middle from North to South. Many homeowners of this neighborhood belong to the Southern Hills Country Club and office from any of the office spaces that surround the area.

    Living in Braeswood

    This Tulsa neighborhood of Braeswood offers the residents a sense of comfort and familiarity, with most of the home owner-occupied. Most of the residents here have college degrees or other types of higher education, which has led them to have a solid, wealthy income.  The average cost of a home in this area can cost around $400,000 and upward, thus that wealthy income is necessary to maintain a residence here.



    Braeswood Zip: 74136
    Lat: 36.072545
    Long: -95.931113

    Things to Do in Braeswood

    This upscale neighborhood and is only a few blocks from multiple dining and shopping establishments such as Kings Point Village Shopping Center. High-ranking schools for this area are within a few blocks walking distance include Carnegie Elementary and Memorial High. LaFortune Park is conveniently located as is St. Francis Hospital and the DoubleTree Hotel. Visit our Homepage for more details.