Reasons To Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions To Unclog Your Drain

Claremore Clogged DrainWhen a drain is clogged, the first thing we often think of is to run to the retail store or hardware and buy a chemical drain cleaner. This seems like a quick, inexpensive solution. Television commercials about drain cleaning products make the whole process seem deceptively easy and harmless, but is it?

Taking a closer look at what you are really putting in your drain may surprise you. Chemical drain cleaners are made of caustic chemicals such as bleach, lye and potassium hydroxide. Acid drain cleaners, which are used by professionals but are also available to homeowners, often contain concentrations of ammonia or sulfuric acid. In fact, chemical drain cleaners are some of the most toxic formulas commonly used around the home.

Each year hospitals see pets and children who have accidentally ingested toxic drain cleaning solutions which were inadvertently left around the house. Adults suffer burns, allergies, respiratory distress and eye injuries from using them. Toxic gases occur from mixing two dangerous chemicals, such as using a drain cleaner with bleach in a room where an ammonia-based cleaning solution was recently used. Even explosions occur when homeowners try to mix together more than one type of drain cleaner.

Equally alarming is what these chemical drain cleaners do to the environment. Although caustic chemicals flushed down the drain are broken down and mostly removed at water treatment plants, small amounts of chemical pollutants stubbornly remain in the water supply from them.

There is even some question as to how much good chemical drain cleaners do for your drain. Since they are designed to produce heat in order to remove a clog, over time they can weaken drain pipes. Chemical drain cleaners that are designed to coat drains in order to remove clogs can eventually cause a clog themselves.

It is a much better alternative to use green products or mechanical ways of removing a surface drain clog, and call a plumber if the clog is too deep. These methods are safer for the environment and for people living in your home.

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