A cave is a cave unless it is located in the middle of a bustling city and is occupied like the Cave House in Tulsa Oklahoma. Yes, right in the midst of all things that make Tulsa, there is a structure with stucco walls that curve around creating a maze. The jagged, stalactite ceilings and walls create mysterious rooms that attract the attention of residents and visitors alike.

Built in the early 1920s as restaurant, it is said that there were tunnels deep down inside this cave-like structure. There you find a speakeasy that sold illicit alcoholic beverages in the prohibition years, in addition to the menu of fowl, the cover for the illegal activities.

Patrons would come to buy their favorite chicken dinner and then sneak through the hidden passageways to where the booze and fun flowed. Today, the evidence of this activity, not even a tunnel, is not found though. And so today, the speakeasy is nothing more than hearsay.

Once those days had come to an end, and the restaurant itself closed, this odd structure became a home. It is said that one of the early residents collected rags and her ghost is said to still hang scraps from the windows.

And another tale is a resident that collected lost keys. Visit the Cave House today, and you’ll see the “key tree” there in a corner that is full of keys that visitors have left over the years.

The resident of today collects sticks and displays creations made from the twigs, nest-like creations that a bird could call home. She is happy to give anyone a tour and show off her twig collection as well as her bone collection. There is antique furniture in the house with a quirky spin and tales to be told as you take the tour.  Go here to Learn More

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