Hiring an unlicensed plumber to work on your home may seem like an effective way to save money on a home repair or improvement project. However, it’s also worth noting that working with an unlicensed professional could result in shoddy workmanship, which may make a job more expensive in the long run. Taking such a step could also result in damage to your home or an injury to anyone who lives in the house.

You Don’t Know If This Person Can Do the Job Properly

Hiring an unlicensed professional is always a scary proposition because you have no way to verify if this person is actually capable of doing quality work. To be a licensed plumber, an individual must meet standards set by the state, and that person must remain in compliance with those standards at all times.

Therefore, hiring licensed plumbers such as those from Half Moon Plumbing in Owasso can help to ensure that a broken, clogged or old pipe is replaced in a timely, professional and affordable manner. We can also detect leaks, repair water lines or take other steps to ensure that your home functions as it should.

Even a Simple Mistake Can Cause Significant Problems

Typically, a professional will use a snake to unclog a drain. This is because it is the best way to clear a clog without causing further damage to the pipe. However, an amateur may use harsh chemicals that might cause cracks or holes in a pipe without getting rid of the clog.

In addition to damaging your home, chemical residue can float in the air and circulate around your house. This may result in an elderly family member, a child or a pet breathing in toxic air, which could cause serious health issues.

If you are looking for a qualified professional to work on your home’s plumbing system, give Half Moon Plumbing a call today! We can also install tankless water heaters, replace a toilet and take other steps to help your home function safely and efficiently.

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