A shower drain rarely raises concerns among homeowners. Unless the drain suffers a clog leading to overflowing water, many people don’t even think about it. However, if the shower drain gives off an unusual smell, some may wonder what the problem is — and the issue could be a serious one.

Sewer Gases and the P-Trap

A P-trap refers to a section of the pipe that looks like the letter “U.” The trap collects water, which provides a barrier for sewer gases. However, water carrying shower waste, such as soap suds, travels through the P-trap. When there’s a leak or another problem in the P-trap, sewer gases could come up through the drain. The entire house could end up with a “sewer smell” if enough gas escapes. There are health hazards associated with sewer gases, too. Getting the problem fixed without delay should be a top priority.

Mold Growth in the Line

A moldy smell may very well indicate mold in the drain. Mold also presents health concerns, as no one wants to breathe in mold spores. Concerns may exist about how severe the mold problem is. Addressing mold growth is something best left to experienced professionals who know how to deal with it.

Clogs in the Drain

A shower drain may suffer from clogs due to hair, soap scum, and more. Sometimes, paper towel debris, small plastic shampoo bottles, and other inappropriate items find their way down the drain. Once there, the items could cause clogs. Slow shower drainage and pooling water could indicate such a problem.

Organic matter that breaks down in the drain may give off an unpleasant smell. Clearing out the clog and cleaning the drain may eliminate several issues.

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