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The quality of municipal water is increasingly deteriorating. Harmful substances such as fluoride, lead, chromium, and chlorine enter the water supply and lead to foul-tasting and foul-smelling water. While most water treatment facilities are barely meeting the minimum government standards for removing these harmful substances, a handful are not even doing that! It’s up to the homeowner to ensure that the water they use is pure and safe. Half Moon Plumbing is here to help you install the right water filtration system for your home or business in Claremore or Owasso.

Choosing the Best Water Filter

There are different types of water filters available on the market to meet the growing needs of homeowners and commercial properties. These devices are available in a range of styles and prices to suit every budget, from small faucet-mounted filters to larger whole-house water filters that can produce several gallons of water per day. Let’s have a close look at some of your options so you can choose the best filter unit for your needs.

Filtered pitchers are the most user-friendly and economical water filters on the market. They contain activated carbon filters that can remove most contaminants. They are designed to remove foul odors, chlorine, and even lead. However, they are only ideal if you have limited needs. Replacing these filters can be costly.

Countertop water filters also filter out various contaminants from your water and are much more efficient than other options. However, they are also costlier. In addition, many homeowners dislike how these filters look sitting on their countertops, with unsightly hoses that attach to the faucet.

If you dislike countertop filters, you can consider installing an under-counter filtering system. These come in various filter sizes and types that protect against all types of contaminants. Their base unit fits snugly under the sink, with only the dispenser attached to the back of the sink. This type of filter can supply large quantities of water fairly quickly.

Faucet-mounted water filters are easy to install. They simply take the place of the aerator on the faucet. These filters also use the same technology used in filtered pitchers, but faucet-mounted units filter water at a much faster rate.

Many homeowners also prefer whole-house water filters because they can filter every drop of water that enters any part of the home.

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