When the temperatures dip, you might find yourself piling on layers of clothes and huddling under blankets. Other entities, such as your home’s water heater, are also affected by cold temperatures.

Increased Demand on the System

During the cold months, your home’s water heater has increased demands placed on it. More energy is needed to heat the water up due to the cold temperatures. Also, to stay nice and toasty, your family members might be using warmer water than they do the rest of the year, causing further strain on the system. When the temperatures are frigid, people tend to spend more time inside as well, which can also account for the increased demand on your system.

Other Effects

Since the cold weather causes your water heater to work harder, you may see a spike in your water bills during the cold months. Speaking with one of our team members can help you to learn about more energy-efficient options to save money and preserve your system. Further, the cold weather could lead to wear and tear on the water heater. You might notice unusual noises coming from the water heater in the winter, or you may realize that the water coming from the sinks and showers feels unreasonably cold. These issues could be signs that the heater needs repair or replacement. Without proper maintenance, the system could also experience frozen pipes in the winter.

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Our team members at Half Moon Plumbing can help you to avoid and resolve these issues. We can check out the water heater to diagnose and repair any issues. Also, we can provide regular maintenance and inspections so that you can be aware of potential problems and the need for future repairs. Our company serves the Owasso area, and we offer an array of other services as well, such as gas leak detection and repair, sewer replacement, drain cleaning, and the resolution of yard leaks. To speak with a representative to schedule an appointment, call Half Moon Plumbing today.

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