Your main water line is a crucial component of your home plumbing system. It’s responsible for delivering clean water to every tap and appliance in your home. While fairly easy to take for granted, a failing or clogged main water line can wreak havoc on your property and drain your wallet quickly.

From water damage and mold growth to costly utility bills, the consequences of a damaged and deteriorated main water line can be severe. Staying vigilant and looking for signs that your main water line needs to be replaced will save you valuable time and money as you protect your home. Look for these signs that trouble may be on the watery horizon.

Low Water Pressure

If you notice a sudden or severe drop in water pressure throughout your home, it could mean that your main line is blocked or leaking somewhere. In either case, repair and replacement are necessary to get water flowing from your plumbing fixtures again.

Disclolored or Foul-smelling Water

Brown, yellow, or rusty water is an indicator that something has made its way into your water line and compromised your water supply. Strange odors and colors in your water could mean that the interior of your line is rusting, which could potentially contaminate your water. Get your line inspected and repaired to avoid any health consequences that could arise from drinking or ingesting contaminated water.

Higher-than-normal Water Bills

If you have not significantly changed your water usage habits yet your utility bill is soaring, you may have a hidden leak somewhere in your line. These small leaks add up to big bucks over time; getting your plumbing inspected by a qualified plumbing professional is the best line of defense against a slow leak that could cost you significant money.

Still Not Sure What To Do? We Can Help!

If you’re stumped as to what is causing your plumbing issue, let the professionals at Half Moon Plumbing take a crack at it. Providing exceptional service to clients in Owasso and the surrounding areas, we tackle all sorts of plumbing issues related to water line replacement, fixtures, installation, gas leak repair, drain cleaning, sewer line replacement, hydro jetting, and much more. Let us put the cap on your plumbing issues once and for all. Contact us today for an assessment of your plumbing.

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