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When Are Sewer Line Repairs Necessary?

There are chemicals in the soil that will eat away at your pipes’ lining over time. Your pipes may also burst due to the strain from water pressure. The pipes outside your home are also vulnerable to trees and plants, whose roots can puncture the pipes and invade the interior. All of these issues require professional assistance to ensure an effective repair so your sewer lines don’t suffer from the same problems again.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs

Traditional sewer repair methods involve extensive digging that can destroy the landscaping outside your property just so trenches can be formed to access your sewer line. It’s a costly and labor intensive process.

Fortunately, there are other sewer repair techniques that help you avoid unsightly trenches in your yard or front lawn. Our technicians can restore your pipes to look like new again using a relining method. This involves threading a durable, resin-coated tubing through your pipes. The tubing is inflated so it expands and makes contact with the interior walls of the existing pipe structure. This method is a quick yet effective way to restore the viability of your sewer lines.

If your pipe system is suffering from tree root invasion, you won’t need extensive repairs. We will provide you with a chemical cleaner that is safe on your pipes and the environment. The cleaning solution will eat away at the roots without harming your pipes. The results are quick and highly effective.

Call Us To Repair Your Sewer Lines

If you have never experienced a sewer line repair, it may be time to think over your options regarding the different methods of repair. Contact our team at Half Moon Plumbing for professional guidance, including which repair method will be more cost-effective for you, as well as the benefits of replacing piping in older sewer line systems. Whether you have a damaged line from erosion, root invasion, or other cause, we will provide you with the ideal solution.

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