When your sink or tub backs up with water, you might think that grabbing a chemical drain cleaner is the right thing to do. Although it might solve your drain problem in the short term, the chemical reactions that took place in your pipes could damage them. Repeated use will only increase the risk of compromising your plumbing system.

Chemical Reactions Cause Damaging Heat

Those “tough on clogs” products at the store contain caustic substances. The cleaners will rely on sodium hydroxide, bleach, or acids. Regardless of the type of chemical product poured down the pipe, each chemical releases heat when interacting with the biological grime stuck in the waste line.

The heat produced might be enough to affect PVC or metal pipes. Heat could warp or break pipes or degrade joint seals. Because stubborn clogs might motivate you to pour a bottle of chemical cleaner down the drain, the chemical solution may be stuck in the pipe for a while. The slow process of dissolving the gunk increases the threat of heat damage to pipes.

Chemical Drain Cleaner Might Just Move the Clog

Even if the chemical drain cleaner appeared to work, it might have just shifted the blockage farther into the waste line system. Lingering chunks deep in the waste line will continue to collect grime. When the drain clogs again, you may then need a long drain auger to manually attack the clog.

Deep clogs like this might require an industrial auger that can reach down to the unseen depths where the clog lies. Half Moon Plumbing in Owasso, OK, provides drain cleaning services. We will also diagnose the cause of the problem and recommend steps for protecting your drains in the future.

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