Plumbing Company in Jenks, OK

Half Moon Plumbing is a commercial and residential plumbing company in Jenks, OK. We believe in offering our customers the whole package regarding plumbing services. That means that we treat every job with care, attention, and diligence, and we also strive to carry a fun-loving attitude with us to every work site. As in every other line of work, the key to success as a plumbing contractor is to love what you do. We know that people want help, and we enjoy helping them. It’s that simple. Our skilled team can provide you with a wide range of services that cater to every aspect of your plumbing system.

Jenks’ Top Plumbing Contractor

Plumbing is an eminently practical business. To be comfortable in any building, you need the pipes to work. Otherwise, you’ll have no gas, warm water, functioning toilets, or many other essential things that people take for granted these days.

Plumbing maintenance and repair include many different services.
  • Valve installation or repair
  • Hydro jet cleanings
  • Water heater installation (tank or tankless)
  • Toilet cleaning, resealing, or reinstallation
  • Faucet and garbage disposal cleaning or repair

This list is far from exhaustive. We offer many more plumbing services besides these, and we recommend visiting our website or calling us to learn about them.

We also offer to finance anyone who may need it on approved credit. If you pay back what you owe in six months or less, you won’t have to pay any interest.

All-Purpose Plumbing Company

It’s a point of pride for us to offer our customers the total package, including excellent and efficient work, a diverse array of services, and a team of plumbing professionals that can be friendly, respectful, and neighborly with you while they go about their work.

We’ve been in business fixing both commercial and residential plumbing since 2007. However, starting in 2011, we shifted our focus to serving our local community. The result has been a long line of happy customers with whom we’ve forged tight-knit relationships. So when you come to us for help, we’ll treat you like family as we make your plumbing more efficient.

Call Half Moon Plumbing in Jenks today when you need a plumbing company that can handle any job, and we’ll get things flowing again.