Clogged drains are a common problem in Owasso, OK. Clogs can develop from toothpaste, hair, soap, grease and bits of food and other debris that go down the sink, shower, bathtub, toilet or laundry tub. Instead of dealing with a slow drain or a wastewater backup, you can use Total C as an ongoing drain maintenance solution. Read on to learn about Total C and how it can help you keep your home’s drains working properly.

What Is Total C?

Total C is a concentrated drain cleaning solution. Instead of using caustic chemicals, such as ammonia or peroxide, it uses liquefiers and enzymes. These ingredients dissolve the organic buildup in your home’s drains. All you need to do is pour a little bit of Total C into the drain as directed on the bottle. It’s a good preventive solution that requires minimal time or fuss.

How Total C Works

The enzymes in Total C digest organic buildup and break it apart. The liquefier component dissolves the particles, allowing them to flow through your home’s wastewater system. The result is a clear drain that empties quickly and doesn’t stink.

Why You Should Use Total C

Using Total C to dissolve drain obstructions saves you money over the cost of an emergency plumbing visit. Drain maintenance also costs less than having to repair a drainpipe or replace an entire fixture with a damaged drain. Total C doesn’t use harsh chemicals that cause corrosion or that could injure your eyes, nose or skin. It’s a safe solution for households that include children and pets. Total C also gets rid of the bacterial buildup that causes foul odors to emanate from your drains.

Half Moon Plumbing is Owasso’s trusted provider of Total C for biological drain cleaning. We’re also prepared to provide you with a full range of plumbing and gas line maintenance, repair, replacement and installation services. Our leak detection, static detection and camera inspections are designed with your safety in mind. For additional information about Total C for clear drains, give us at Half Moon Plumbing a call today.

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