Inclement weather like heavy rain can take a toll on your plumbing if not prepared for or expected. While your mind may immediately go to flooding, your pipes could also be at risk of external damage due to increased pressure and potential ruptures. Here’s how harsh weather and rain can negatively impact your plumbing.

Overworks the Sump Pump

Your sump pump is essential to keeping your basement safe and dry. Too much water too quickly can easily overwhelm an older or outdated system. The slope of your yard can also affect how fast the water moves into the home. Your pump system should always be ready to handle a rainy day. Ensure your sump pump is well-maintained, clear of any debris, and the correct size for your home’s needs.

Shifts Underground Pipes

Depending on the amount of rain, you may be faced with severe pipe issues. As the excessive water softens the dirt, your plumbing will have to deal with potential shifting and additional pressure. These issues may lead to damage such as leaks and ruptures that let rainwater, dirt, and rocks into your plumbing lines. Your household may struggle to access clean water or have wastewater backing up into the home. To protect your home and belongings, you need professionally installed and maintained pipes. Expert plumbers can also minimize damage to your home during an emergency.

Local Plumbing Professionals

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