You’ve been experiencing clogs in the bathrooms and kitchen over and over, and the OTC clog cleaners and plunger just aren’t helping. So, you call your plumber, and they tell you that the plumbing system in your home needs to be hydro jetted. What in the world is that you’re asking yourself (and you should be asking your plumber, too!).

Your plumber has evaluated the situation and has determined that not only do you have clogged drains, but the water pressure in your home isn’t what it should be, either. As such, he has determined that the best solution for your home is to perform a hydro jetting service.

With this service, he will use a high-pressure flow of water that will clean the interior of your home’s plumbing pipes. It will remove grease, scale, and other build up debris that collects over time. Plumbers will use this process instead of rodding because it achieves cleaner pipes.

How Hydro Jetting Works

Your plumber will access a clean out, this is where they have easy access to your home’s pipes, and they will insert a hose that is connected to a tank filled with water. This is a high-pressure hose and is connected to a special machine that pressurizes the water in the tank as much as 5,000 psi per minute for 20 gallons of water. Working with the gravity, the process will remove any buildup, starting at the bottom and working upward. This pressurized water cleans the pipes and removes the lodged debris.

The Results

Hydro Jetting can resolve several common plumbing issues because it removes the grease, hair, minerals, scales, soap, etc. It can also take care of most tree root infiltration.  Hydro Jetting safely removes blockages, if your plumber is experienced in using this method.  An inexperienced plumber can cause more problems, which is why you always want to use an experienced, licensed plumber.

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