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For many homes, having functioning gas lines is critical to their daily lives. From using them to heat your oven to provide you with hot water; when a gas line is damaged it can be less than ideal to say the least. Aside from the discomfort it causes a damaged or leaking gas line is also one of the most dangerous situations a home or business owner can face. Don’t put your home or family in danger! Let Half Moon Plumbing provide you with expert repairs, and provide you with peace of mind.

What Causes Damages or Leaks in Gas Lines?

Gas lines may need repairing for a variety of reasons and performing these repairs quickly and efficiently is critical. Over time some propane and natural gas lines may need replacement or repair simply due to erosion progression. Similarly, when other repairs or construction is performed there is always the possibility of a gas line being hit or damaged causing a gas leak. There are several everyday appliances in our homes which use propane or gas to produce heat such as dryers, stoves, and water heaters. Their normal wear and tear can cause corrosion around their seals which also causes gas leaks. Call us today to find out how our expert technicians can inspect and repair your gas lines today!

Why Is a Gas Leak Considered Dangerous?

A gas line leak can not only cause serious health issues but also explosions. A small leak can go undetected for a lengthy period of time, allowing dangerous toxins to enter your home causing health concerns and even death. Similarly if a chimney becomes plugged, carbon monoxide poisoning can be the result; which is another very serious health concern. With annual home inspections and preventive maintenance many of these issues can be prevented!

What Methods Are Used to Detect Leaks?

There are many methods used to detect leaks and the type of leak will determine the technique used. In some cases our technicians can simply listen to evaluate where the leak is originating from (the pipe rupture causes a hissing noise). Additionally, there are also units that can be placed on a wall allowing for the detection of gas when there is no odor or hissing noise.

What Signs Should Homeowners Look For to Detect Gas Leaks?

Some signs to be aware of which can indicate a gas leak will be an odor similar to rotten eggs (caused by Mercaptan). A hissing sound may come from a household appliance that uses gas (like a stove) even when the appliance is not being used can mean there is a gas leak. Also black stains on natural gas lines. which could mean that some type of chemical reaction existed caused by a gas leak.

How Can Half Moon Plumbing Help With Gas Line Repairs and Leak Detections?

When it comes to something as delicate as a gas line, trusting an experienced and licensed technician is always the best course of action. Our expert technicians have the tools and knowledge to detect gas leaks and repair them efficiently and professionally. A gas leak is an emergency and should never be put on the backburner. If you detect signs of a gas leak or simply want a home inspection, call us today!

Gas leaks can be a deadly issue for your home or business. Call Half Moon Plumbing today at (918) 274-7377 to get industry-leading detection services and repair solutions!

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