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Garbage disposals are a great convenience until something goes wrong. Our technicians are ready to help you get your unit back in top running condition. We serve the Claremore and Owasso communities, so let us know if you are having trouble with your garbage disposal.

Common Problems With Garbage Disposals

First off, we would like to warn you against putting your hand inside the drain to reach your garbage disposal. This can be risky if you are not sure of the proper repair procedure.

The following are common issues that our customers experience with their garbage disposals:

  • No noise when powered on
  • Unfamiliar humming noise when unit is on
  • Leaking
  • Slow draining

If there is no noise when you turn your unit on, check the reset button on the bottom of the disposal. Next, check the circuit breaker—there may be an electrical problem and the switch will have to be changed. If neither of these steps works, we will have to replace the unit itself. When you turn on the disposal and there is a humming noise, there is most likely something lodged between the impellers and shredder ring, causing your flywheel to get stuck. Our technicians can easily repair this problem.

Leaking can occur in three different areas: the sink flange, dishwasher connection, or the discharge drainpipe. Sink flange leaks can occur from defective plumber’s putty. We will replace the putty between the sink and the sink flange, tighten the bolts, reinstall the disposal, and then recheck for leaks. We will check the dishwasher connection by tightening and/or replacing the hose to stop the leak. If the discharge drain pipe is the source of the leak, we will check the bolts that hold the pipe to the disposal. If the connection is secure, then we will look at the gasket and replace it to eliminate the leak.

Slow draining in your sink can often cause a disposal to malfunction. We will check the drainage from the drain trap, as well as the vertical pipe going into the wall.

How to Avoid Garbage Disposal Problems

Here are some suggestions for keeping your garbage disposal in great working condition:

  • Avoid grinding eggshells, coffee grounds, or potato peels—these cause clogs.
  • Keep your blades sharp by grinding lemon peels and ice cubes.
  • Deodorize your disposal with vinegar and baking soda every month. Let it stand and foam in the hopper for a while, then rinse down the drain.
  • Avoid using chemical drain cleaners.

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