Have you recently decided to replace a toilet in your home but aren’t sure how much it will cost? It’s always better to trust a professional with your plumbing concerns rather than attempt to do it yourself. However, calling in an expert often comes with a higher price tag. Here’s a breakdown of average toilet installation fees and other related labor costs.

Average Replacement Costs

A plumber will charge you a flat labor fee on top of any parts replaced or installed. Depending on your plumbing company of choice, you’ll likely pay between $50 to upwards of $200 per hour just for the labor involved. This fee will be added to the cost of a toilet, which is around $300 on average.

A toilet installation will only take about an hour or two at most, with the average installation cost at about $450. However, other toilet issues can result in more fees and more labor. If your waste pipe is in bad condition or requires additional service, you’ll likely have to pay for several more hours of labor. Moving the entire toilet to a different room is another labor-extensive process that can cost thousands.

Overall, trusting a professional to replace your toilet is the best way to minimize future plumbing issues. Plumbers are trained to expertly install toilets without causing floor damage or leaks. Clear up any cost confusion with your company by asking for upfront estimates. More expensive plumbers often have more experience in the field and use top-of-the-line equipment and parts.

Exceptional Plumbing Service

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