Are you concerned about your tap water coming out cloudy? The reasons could vary, so it’s best to hire a professional to check out your water and fix the issue. The professional will also advise whether or not the water is safe to drink. Here are some possible causes of milky or cloudy tap water.

Air Bubbles

Air often enters your water when you turn on taps or pump water from a well. Taps with high water pressure are often prone to cloudy water from air bubbles. That’s because the high pressure makes the air soluble, causing more air bubbles to form and result in cloudy water. A recent plumbing project or a spike in water pressure can lead to excess air bubbles in faucets.

Hard Water

If you live in an area with hard water, it could explain why your tap water appears cloudy or milky. Hard water has high mineral concentrations, such as magnesium and calcium, which can cause cloudy tap water. Some signs you have hard water include less foam in your soap, white residue on dishes, and your skin feeling itchy and dry after a shower.

Cold Weather

You may notice cloudy water from your taps when it’s cold outside. The solubility of air in water during the cold season often increases as the temperature decreases, making it hold more air. Some of the air trapped in the tap during the winter is no longer soluble, so it’s released from the solution. Thus, you notice cloudy water from your faucets.

Methane Gas

Well water may contain methane, a tasteless, colorless, and odorless gas. This gas can cause cloudy water from your tap. Since it’s hard to detect the presence of methane gas in your water, it’s advisable to conduct a professional water test. The experts will recommend solutions depending on the methane gas levels in your water.

Rely On the Experts

You need a professional water test if your tap water is cloudy. We provide efficient solutions after unearthing the cause of cloudy water. We’re also your sewer replacement, hydro jetting, and leak detection and repair experts in Owasso, OK and the surrounding areas. Call Half Moon Plumbing today to schedule a prompt appointment with our experienced professionals.

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