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Our plumbing team frequently receives calls about clogged toilet problems in the Claremore and Owasso areas. Waste buildup can lead to clogged toilets, and when your unit starts to leak wastewater into your home or commercial building, you will need professional assistance to solve the problem. At Half Moon Plumbing, we care about your safety and your problem is our problem. You can count on us for the most effective solutions!

What Causes a Clogged Toilet?

There are many factors that can lead your toilet to clog up. You may have an excess of debris in your drains, such as hair, soap scum, and toilet paper. Flushing inappropriate items down your drain will quickly cause clogging; larger items that need to squeeze through your pipes will damage your system beyond simple clogging.

We don’t recommend using store-bought chemical drain cleaners, as these can damage your pipes and cause them to deteriorate at a faster rate. Plungers are often ineffective as well if you have a clog that is deep within your drain system. For effective solutions, look to the professionals. Our technicians will use professional plumber’s snakes to force clogs to break up. If you have a more damaging clog that is deeper within your system, we will perform hydro jetting services to thoroughly cleanse your pipes of debris.

Call Us To Handle Your Clogged Toilet Repair

Having any plumbing problem can be inconvenient, but clogged toilets are especially troublesome if you are expecting guests. Our team at Half Moon Plumbing is here to serve our customers without being a burden to them. Plumbing for us is more than a job—it’s our true passion. We are polite, clean, and professional. Our customers are always thrilled at how prompt we are and how quickly we solve their problems.

Before we begin any repair work, we will conduct a thorough investigation of your problem to make sure our planned method of repair is effective. Our thorough way of getting things done helps ensure that the problem is kept from recurring and that there are no underlying issues left unresolved.

Our job is to give you the ultimate peace of mind. When our customers call us, they know they will be getting dependable service and preventive care. Call us today at (918) 274-7377 for affordable clogged toilet repairs.

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