Rainstorms are not as common, but once in a while, heavy rains fall. The roof in your home protects you from heavy rains and keeps your dry during a rainstorm. However, it doesn’t protect your plumbing. Too much rain stresses pipes and drainage systems, and you find yourself with plumbing problems in your home. A little maintenance can prevent plumbing problems after heavy rains. Here are some plumbing problems caused by too much rain in Owasso, OK.

Flooding Due to Lack of Outdoor Drainage

Water can accumulate in dips and low points in your backyard after too much rain. If the water doesn’t have a place to drain, these rainwater pools can cause serious plumbing problems. Therefore, consider hiring a plumber after too much rain to inspect your outdoor plumbing for other faults.

Broken Pipes

Heavy rains shift the ground, especially after a long dry spell. The ground shift may break pipes. Moisture quickly infuses into dry soil after too much rain, expanding and moving the soil. The movement breaks old or weak pipes. Older pipes made of galvanized steel are often suspectable of breaking after too much rain. A sign of broken pipes underground after heavy rains is discolored water and debris in the water.


Pipes back up after too much rain because of the debris deposited into downpipes and storm drains. Blocked pipes don’t allow water to flow into your house. In that case, you need the services of a qualified plumber to unblock or replace damaged pipes. Debris on the roof can also block drain vents, causing sewage odors to seep through drains.

Basement Flooding

Flooding is a common plumbing problem after heavy rains. Basements or utility rooms located below the ground are more prone to flooding after too much rain than other rooms. You can combat basement flooding by installing a sump pump to pump rainwater out of the basement during a flood. Ensure that your sump pump is functional to prevent basement flooding after heavy rains.

Whether you are dealing with blocked or broken pipes, our team of bonded, trained, and licensed plumbers are prepared to help you restore your home. We offer several other services, including leak detection, kitchen drain services, gas leak repairs, and sewer replacements. Call Half Moon Plumbing today to discuss your plumbing issues with our experts.

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