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Common Boiler Problems

Boiler issues include mineral buildup, a damaged radiator, or leaking, all of which require professional assistance to ensure the repair is handled properly.

Mineral buildup: Accumulated sediment and minerals in your unit or a backed-up condensation pipe are the more common problems associated with boilers. Signs of backup include strange gurgling noises coming from inside the boiler and its pipes; newer models will warn you of backup with a flashing light. Any kind of buildup will prevent the boiler from heating your home or business properly. Our technicians will safely and effectively clear the blockage, as well as provide you with tips on preventing the same problem from recurring.

Damaged radiator: Issues with the radiator usually stem from trapped air or valve trouble. When the normal hissing noise continues long after it should have stopped, there may be extra air trapped within the radiator. If some of the radiators are not releasing heat, this is a further sign that you need to call a technician. If the water has not been heated up to and slightly beyond the valve, then it is possible that there is an issue with the valve. Our technicians will identify the exact issue with the radiator and either replace the affected parts or properly balance out the pressure.

Leaking boiler: A leaking boiler is usually caused by a crack on the outside of the tank or in the sealant. If you notice that the water levels are running low, or if you see that water has been draining onto the floor, it is time to call one of our technicians for help. Improper water levels can severely affect the internal temperature of the boiler, causing a loss of heat and other issues. Large leaks are easily found, but smaller leaks are harder to notice. In either case, we will isolate the leak, seal it, and test the boiler to see if the leaking is a symptom of a larger problem.

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