Does your toilet rock like a bucking bronco? the average toilet is flushed 5 times a day…that’s up to 17 gallons a day and 6,205 gallons a year per person…that’s a lot of water! And you don’t want any of it on or under your floor…@ Half Moon our “plumbing with purpose” anchoring and sealing systems come with a qualified 3- year warranty… No leak, No loss, No mess!!!

Water heaters:

According to the NFPA IN 2007 there were an estimated 7900 reported fires associated with water heaters and 23% could be linked to improper installation…we believe that percentage should be zero…@ Half Moon our “plumbing with purpose” water heater installation and upgrades come with a venting safety inspection to insure you and your family stay safe!!!

Frost proof hydrants:

All wall hydrants should be anchored, sleeved, and sloped… Most hydrants we see are not anchored (even in new homes) this could allow the hydrant to over rotate compromising the supporting piping… If a hydrant is not sleeved (protected) through brick or rock it could eventually wear a hole in the pipe… hydrants with out proper slope will hold water and be subject to freezing and busting…@ Half Moon our “plumbing with purpose” replacement frost proof wall hydrants are all anchored, sleeved, and sloped!!!


The most common drain call we have involves either the kitchen sink drain, the washing machine drain, and/or the water heater floor drain… Many times all of these drains are connected and the cause is most often grease and soap scum… The normal practice is to clear the drain with a standard cable machine, but this is often only a temporary solution and the problem soon returns… Our hydro-jet machine uses a high pressure washing technique that washes down the grease and soap scum in order to restore your drainage system to its original condition…@ Half Moon our “plumbing with purpose” hydro-jet service comes with a qualified 2- year warranty… Clean as a whistle!!!