Let Claremore’s most recommended plumbers help you remodel your bathroom! Call us for upfront pricing and quality service.

Bathroom remodeling is a large-scale project requiring expert attention to detail and knowledge of the plumbing work involved. Half Moon Plumbing, based in Claremore, OK, will help you reroute piping, install showers or tubs, and mount new faucets, fixtures, and sinks. In addition to Claremore, we also conveniently serve residents in Owasso.

Rerouting Your Plumbing During a Bathroom Remodel

If you are worried about moving around the fixtures in your bathroom, such as the toilet or shower, we will help you. If you are concerned about the costs associated with this procedure, we will plan a budget with you and provide you with our upfront menu pricing so you will know what to expect going into the project.

Keep in mind how far you plan to go with your remodeling project. Do you just want to replace your older fixtures? What kinds of toilet, sink, and shower models are you looking into? Do you need retiling? It’s important to know what you can handle in terms of the time frame and the amount of work needed to complete the entire remodel. When you work with us, we will guarantee you a quality remodeling job that will also focus on accurate plumbing setup so your new fixtures will work perfectly once the remodeling is complete.

Call Us for Professional Bathroom Remodeling

It’s important to note that you should avoid switching plumbers if possible during your bathroom remodel. Different plumbers have different methods and different solutions in getting things done, which will cause inconsistency. When you work with us throughout your entire bathroom remodel, you will get a consistent level of quality at one affordable price.

Get started on your bathroom remodel today! Call us to schedule an appointment. We will walk you through the entire remodeling process so you can easily envision the end result.

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