If you are getting your home ready for fall, it is crucial to make sure the plumbing in your home is in excellent working condition and ready for any winter storms. Having plumbing serviced in the fall months can help you avoid plumbing issues or even emergencies when it freezes outside. Even the most minor plumbing problems can become much more significant because of the weather.

1. Cover the Outside Faucets

During the fall months, it is time to roll up those hoses and cover the outside faucets. While it may be a temptation to keep them uncovered for a few last gardening jobs, it is essential that they are covered and well insulated for the winter months as they can cause pipes in your home to freeze and burst.

2. Insulate Pipes

Check all of the pipes in your home to make sure they are insulated, including pipes in areas you don’t usually check, such as the basement or garage. If you have pipes that need insulation, fall is the time to get it done.

3. Have a Professional Inspect the Drains

If you haven’t had your drains checked this year, fall is the perfect time to get them checked. We can come and inspect them and clean them if it is needed. If you smell sewage or hear noises coming from your pipes, you should call us right away as you may have a problem with the main sewer line.

4. Have the Water Heater Inspected

Getting the water heater in your home serviced in the fall means it is likely that you won’t have to go without hot water in the winter months. We will check it and make sure it is in excellent working condition for the winter.

5. Have Leaks Fixed

If you’ve noticed any small leaks while inspecting the pipes in your home, getting them fixed now may eliminate more significant problems in the winter.

6. Where is the Main Shut-Off Valve?

Knowing where your main shut-off valve is can save you a lot of expensive home repairs. Locating it and practicing shutting it off is essential to keep you prepared if you have a burst pipe.

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