Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

About Half Moon Plumbing

We’ve got passionate plumbers providing full-service solutions, from drain cleaning to water heater repairs. Call us today at (918) 274-7377 to work with the top-rated technicians in Claremore and Owasso!

By the time I was twenty-one, I had already achieved both a contractor and a master plumbing license in two states: Oklahoma and Arkansas. Plumbing is not just something I fell into—I knew I wanted to pursue this career while still in high school. As a second-generation plumber, I have been managing plumbing projects for over seventeen years.

Since Half Moon’s founding in 2007, we have been extremely successful in both the commercial and residential fields. Commercially, we have completed large-scale plumbing projects for Olive Garden, Drug USA, Genghis Grill, DaVita Dialysis Center, and Harps Food grocery store, just to name a few. With service as our focus, we have gathered an impressive collection of heartwarming reviews by customers who have converted to fans. Take a look at our customer testimonials to see why your neighbors have chosen us to be their lifelong plumbers!

Plumbing With Purpose

The heart of Half Moon Plumbing is summed up in our mission statement: To provide plumbing excellence through manners, methods, and materials.

It is also reflected in our core values:

  • To work as unto The Lord.
  • To be a blessing and not a burden to our customers.
  • To be without excuse in failure.
  • To provide charity to those without means.
  • To remember always that to whom much is given, much is required!

We are polite, thorough, and empathetic. We understand that plumbing problems are rarely convenient. That’s why we work hard to provide “plumbing with purpose.” Call us today at (918) 274-7377 for the best plumbing care in Claremore and Owasso.

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